HISTORY – Introduction

The text regarding the history of Greek Animation was composed in order to reflect the overall picture of an important art form and its development, which is already approaching 70 years in the making. It is of course the first draft and for this reason it is certain that many events, people, and creations will not have been included. There may even be mistakes, but they were not made on purpose. The text that follows is only the beginning. We aimed for its completion, just as we imagined it, for 2015 – the anniversary year. The site “Greek Animation” will relentlessly continue its search, but we also invite you to help us by sending us your comments and useful material. We promise that in 2015, if everything goes according to plan, we’ll progress into a more upscale version written in two languages, in order to promote the image of Greek Animation in Greece and worldwide.

Nevertheless, a historical text doesn’t aim to be collective, meaning to include everything, in order to be called complete. “Greek Animation” believes mainly in the didactic value of a historical text. For example, the reader could discover through it; how and under what conditions, and between which people, magical creations and collaborations took place, why some of them progressed positively, why they withstood the test of time or why some ventures disintegrated along the way.  How often (statistically) does a production materialize for the international film and television market and how could this rate be changed. Within a time frame of 70 years, the reader may also ascertain how orderly sociopolitical conditions are overturned at regular intervals, usually every 20 to 30 years, and they must be prepared for that. As a result, there are many benefits to a “different read” of a historical text and that is why we have to complete it with whole and factual information, useful for everyone’s future.